Travel tips: Mini Ladakh is located some distance from Delhi, this place is best for photography


After seeing the beauty here, you will feel like you are looking at Pangong Lake or the beach of Goa, but actually, the name of this place is Sirohi Lake or you can also know it by the name of Panikot Lake.

This place is called 'Panikot Lake'. This lake is situated near Sohna Road in Haryana. It is about 21 km from Faridabad and about 41 km from Gurgaon. It is a great place to visit with family/friends.

Nikot Lake is surrounded by small hills and perhaps that is why this lake is called Pangong. On weekends, the maximum crowd of people is seen here. You can come here for a picnic with your friends or family.


The best time to visit this place is in the early morning to see the beauty of this place. About 1 km inside the village from the main road. The villagers can show you the way to the lake. You can take your car or bike there but it will go up to some extent near the cemetery area.

One has to get down from there to reach there. As you go further, you will see an area covered with big rocks, mountains, and some small lakes. Later on, you will experience the full beauty of this place.

Panikot Lake is surrounded by many ponds, which you will see like small islands. On one side you will see the hills cut straight, while on the other side, the hills present a view like Ladakh. Here you will also see the people of the village and children will always be found playing here.


This place is very famous not only among the people but also among celebrities, not only this, but models also come here many times for shooting. This place has now been chosen by couples for pre-wedding shoots as well. You will like the mini Ladakh location for the shoot.

If you are planning to spend time with family and kids, would suggest you carry water bottles along, and something to eat as you will not find anything there. Homemade food or packed food is best for snacking.

Just sit by the lakeside, click some amazing pictures, enjoy the picturesque views, and feel the freshness and beauty.