Travel Tips: Mini Goa is also in Madhya Pradesh, must visit once


It has been a long time since you have gone for a walk with your friends and you are also planning to go for a walk this time, then you should not delay and leave to visit those places where you want to go. In such a situation, you can go to Hanuwantiya island of Madhya Pradesh.

Mini Goa

This time if you are planning to go out with friends, then you can go to Hanuwantiya island located in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is a perfect place to visit in this season. If you go here, you will get the sea vibes of Goa. In such a situation, you can do planning here. 


What is special

If you are coming here to visit, then you are going to like this island very much. Let us tell you that this is one of the popular tourist places of the state. This place is famous for many exciting things like sports activities, floating, trekking.