Travel Tips: Make plans to visit these places in April, you will not feel like coming back!



With the arrival of March-April, summer begins in India. Especially in this season, as soon as children's examinations end, people start planning trips. The temperature increases during these months, so people like to visit hill stations. Residents of Delhi-NCR often plan trips to Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh for sightseeing.

However, due to heavy crowds at these places, one has to spend hours stuck in traffic. Furthermore, due to the very high tourist influx, hotels in these areas are often fully booked. Still, if you are planning to travel somewhere in April, then you can explore some other places instead of these two. Let us know about them...


If you do not want to go to crowded places then you can go to Pachmarhi, the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Situated on the Satpura mountain range, Pachmarhi will give you a feeling of peace. After visiting here you will not feel like coming back.


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If you want to see a different place then you can also go to Meghalaya. The weather here is very good in April. This place is no less than heaven for nature lovers. There are many waterfalls here. Here you may also have to go on a long trek.


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Ooty in Tamil Nadu is not just a honeymoon destination but is also suitable for family and friends. The influx of tourists starts increasing in Ooty in April. If you are coming here then do not forget to see Doddabetta Peak and Tiger Hills. Also, if you are fond of photography, then do take pictures of the tea gardens. This will make your journey memorable.