Travel Tips: Make Paan-Gulkand Shake with these things, your heart will be happy after tasting it!


Required Ingredients:

- Six cups milk

- Six betel leaves

- Three teaspoons Gulkand

- One cup Tutti-Furti

- Three tablespoons condensed milk

- Three teaspoons fennel

- One and a half teaspoon cardamom powder

You can prepare it by this method:

First of all, you should prepare a paste by mixing betel leaves, fennel, gulkand and milk in the mixer.

Now cook the milk in the pan until it thickens.

Now mix condensed milk and betel leaf paste in milk.

After this, keep it in the freezer for half an hour and cool it.

Now blend it once again in the mixer.

After this, taste the garnish with broken pieces.

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