Travel Tips: Majuli of Assam is a hidden gem, do plan a trip once!


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Majuli is a beautiful destination located in the northeastern state of Assam. Known as the world's largest river island, Majuli is a serene and culturally rich place, perfect for those seeking peace and spirituality. Some of the places to visit in Majuli are:

Satras: Majuli is known for its Vaishnava monasteries called Satras. These monasteries are centers of art, culture, and religious practices. Kamalabari Satra, Auniati Satra, Dakhinpat Satra and Samaguri Satra are some of the major places of interest.

Majuli Cultural Complex: This is a cultural center where you can witness various cultural performances, traditional music, dance shows, and exhibitions showcasing the island's arts and crafts.

Tengapaniya: Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Tengapaniya offers breathtaking views and serene surroundings. It is the perfect place to relax and soak in the beauty of nature.


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Bird Watching: Majuli is a paradise for birdwatchers. The island is home to a wide variety of bird species including migratory birds. You can spot birds like Greater Adjutant Stork, Pelican, Kingfisher, and various other water birds.

Dakhinpat Satra: This is one of the oldest and largest Satras of Majuli. It is known for its annual Raas festival, which features traditional dance and music performances.

Samuguri Satra: Visit this Satra to witness the art of mask making, a unique tradition of Majuli. You can watch artisans making traditional masks and learn about their cultural significance.

Ai River: Take a boat ride on the Ai River, which surrounds Majuli. It offers beautiful views of the island's landscape and allows you to explore the ecology of the river.


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Pottery Village: Majuli is famous for its pottery. Visit pottery villages, such as Salmora and Uttar Kamalabari, to witness traditional pottery-making techniques and interact with skilled artisans.

Majuli Island Museum: Located in Garamur, the museum displays the cultural heritage, artifacts, and traditional items of Majuli. It provides an insight into the history of the island and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Nimati Ghat: Begin your journey to Majuli from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat. This is the ferry point where you can board a boat and enjoy a scenic ride to the island.