Travel Tips: Kumbhalgarh Fort is famous in the world because of its wall, definitely see it once.


Many forts are very famous in Rajasthan. Kumbhalgarh Fort is also one of these, which is located at a distance of 2 hours from Udaipur. If you are planning to visit a fort with your family, then you can visit this fort.

This fort is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort has a massive wall, which is often compared to the Great Wall of China. This fort was once a strategic stronghold for the Mewar Empire. This fort is famous in the world for its architecture.

A large number of tourists from India and abroad come to see it. You should make a plan with your family to visit this fort today itself. This fort remains a center of attraction among tourists. You will also like this fort very much. This fort is counted among the famous forts of Rajasthan.

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