Travel Tips: Italy's Venice city is also in India, so your mind will be happy by visiting


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is about to come and with it comes a holiday of one to two days. Along with this, you will also get one to two leave on Sunday and leave the office, this time to visit these wonderful places where everyone wants to go. So today I am telling you about this place.

Alleppey, Kerala

If you want to go for a holiday this time, then this time you should go to the place where the monsoon reaches first and that place is Kerala. In such a situation, you should make a plan to go to Alleppey in Kerala this time. This place is also known as Venice city of Italy. 

What is special

If you are coming here to visit, then you are going to like the beauty of this place very much. This place will settle in your heart and mind. Also, you can plan to stay here in a houseboat. If you are close to nature, then this place is no less than a heaven for you.