Travel Tips: IRCTC tour package will be better for traveling to Bali, know here


If you are planning to visit the Bali province of Indonesia, then the IRCTC tour package can be a better option for you. This very beautiful island is more famous as a honeymoon destination. You can also go here with friends or family.

Now a tour package named Blissful Bali Premium Package Ex Kolkata has been introduced by IRCTC. Under this tour package of 5 nights and 6 days, you will get a chance to travel via flight. Under this package, you will get 4-star hotel accommodation, breakfast lunch, and dinner facilities as well as travel insurance.


If you are traveling with three people, then one person will have to pay a fee of Rs 79,560. While traveling alone will cost Rs 91,270. You can get complete details of this tour package from the official website of IRCTC.