Travel Tips: If you have not gone in March then plan to visit these places in April, the fun will be double!


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Many people want to get relief from their boring lives and want some refreshments, but some people are not able to go due to office holidays or budget constraints. If you also want to go somewhere but were not able to go last month, then you can plan to visit these places this month, where you can feel refreshed within your budget.


Who doesn't like to see snow-capped mountains? Especially in summer, everyone wants to go to cool places. The excitement of coming here at this time is something else. Especially if you are fond of mountaineering or skiing then you must visit Kashmir in this season.


If you are fond of the sea then you can plan a trip to Kerala this year. The waves of the sea can soothe all your troubles. Tall coconut trees will look great on the seashore and in tea gardens. You will always remember seeing the backwaters here.


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Uttarakhand :

Uttarakhand is a favourite place for mountain lovers. In Uttarakhand, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and exciting sports. Be it with family, honeymoon or just having fun with friends, Uttarakhand is the perfect place. You can also have fun here with your family.


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Goa is a favourite place for the youth in India. You can do a lot here, enjoy the water, eat good food, drive around by car, or enjoy the casinos and luxury hotels. You will feel very refreshed by going to Goa.