Travel tips: If you have a plan to go to Goa, then here are the three best budget-friendly hostels in Goa.


If you also want to go to Goa, then definitely know about these hostels once. These 3 hostels are the best for a low-budget stay in Goa. Not only this, these hostels are no less than any villa. Do you know what facilities you will get here?

XOXO Hostel

XOXO hostel has been one of the best hostels in Goa for years. XOXO hostel is a premium budget-friendly hostel with private rooms and beds. The room rent here is Rs.800 per person per day.

Here you will find different types of accommodation – premium private rooms, deluxe private rooms, 4-bed dorms, and 6-bed dorms. It is quite famous because of its proximity to Baga Beach.

Pappi Chulo

Our second hostel is Pappi Chulo, where the room rent is INR 600 per day per person. This hostel is very close to Zoran beach. Like no other hostel in Goa like Pappi Chulo, you will find people here sharing food, books, handmade goods, and various things.

Apart from this, the club in Pappi Chulo is such that you will not feel like coming back from there. The party is arranged for barbeque nights, fun games, and karaoke.

Travo Tales


Travo Tales is a cottage-like hostel. It is located near Ashwem Beach. The room rent here is 500 per person per day. You can head to the pool to freshen up. Here you will also get the facility of a rooftop cafe.

Also from here, you can enjoy the sun setting on the horizon over the sea. You will also find pool view rooms, laundry paid service, and housekeeping along with a house cafe and bar. There is free parking here. The bar here is open 24 x 7.

If you want to make your trip to Goa memorable with less money, then you can stay at any of these three budget-friendly hostels in Goa. All three hostels are near the beach if you want you can enjoy the views of the beach till night.