Travel Tips: If you don't have lakhs of rupees to go abroad, then plan to visit this place in India, it is no less than Switzerland!


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'Many people plan to visit North India. The icy air, mountains, and greenery here will fascinate you. However, you can also visit the east coast of India, in the state of Odisha. The state is not only a tourist attraction but its attractive coastline and serene temples are also very popular throughout India. Due to these characteristics, Odisha is called the treasure of India. There are many places here where you can visit. But most of the tourists visit only Jagannath Puri Temple and Konark Sun Temple. However, there are many places here about which people are still unaware. Koraput is one such place.


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Why is Koraput famous?

Looking at the temples, monasteries, and medieval monuments built in Koraput, it would seem that they are telling stories of the past. Koraput is a small town in the Eastern Ghats hills in southern Odisha. Spread over an area of ​​8534 square kilometers, this district is very close to the Bay of Bengal. Here you can also visit waterfalls like Duduma-Bagara and Khindati. You will be surprised to know that Koraput is also famous as Mini Switzerland.

Beautiful view of Koraput from this mountain.

Koraput is very popular among trekking enthusiasts. You will enjoy visiting here in winter. Devamali is a mountain of Koraput. Its height is 1672 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is also the highest peak of Koraput. From here you can easily see the beautiful view of Koraput.


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Kolab Botanical Garden

There are many gardens to visit in Koraput, but the Kolab Botanical Garden here is something special. This is really very beautiful. Here you will find more than 200 species of beautiful flowers.

Duduma Waterfall, water falls from a height of 500 meters.

Duduma Waterfall is located on the border of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. Duduma Falls is located at a distance of one hour 48 minutes from Koraput. The height of this waterfall is 500 meters. There is a lot of greenery near this waterfall, which attracts the tourists coming here.

Must see Gupteshwar Caves:

If you are going to Koraput, Odisha, then definitely see Gupteshwar Caves. A Shivalinga is installed inside this cave. The interesting thing is that the size of this Shivalinga is increasing day by day. It is said that during the Ramayana period, Lord Shri Ram first saw this Shivalinga during his exile.