Travel Tips: If you are planning to travel then always keep these things in mind!


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Nowadays girls roam alone not only in India but also abroad. Nowadays girls like to do solo trips. There are many women around the world who go on a solo trip at least once every year even after marriage. But some women want to travel alone but do not know what are the things to be kept in mind for this. We are going to tell you about this

Get the right information about the destination

Know the right information about the place you are going to travel alone. what are the people like there? Know all the traditions and rules there. From this, you can get an idea of whether you can go to that place alone. This means that you will know whether you would like to visit the place or not.

Whether the place is safe or not

After reaching the place where you are going to visit, some things have to be taken care of before booking the hotel. Do plenty of research online about the hotel you're considering staying at. Check if the hotel has 24-hour security, cameras or not.



Be alert

Always try to be aware of your surroundings. Do not pass through uninhabited or wooded areas while traveling. Always stay on the road. Do not travel especially at night. Try to pay attention to the people around you as well. Also, choose a mode of transport that does not create an atmosphere of insecurity. Apart from this, you should know basic self-defense.

Stay in touch with your family members

When and where are you going and by which train? Take care of all these. Keep giving that information to the family.

Mix with the locals

If you're going somewhere, the best way to stay safe is to mix with the locals. For this, dress like a local. If the clothes you wear are different, people there will recognize you immediately, and that can be anything. So dress like a local.


PC: Travel Triangle

Stay connected

Always keep a mobile that will work in every situation. Keep emergency numbers with you as well. Don't forget to carry a portable charger.