Travel Tips: If you are planning to go on a trip to the mountins, keep these things in mind!



Hiking in the mountains is enjoyed by many people, especially when March starts and the weather starts getting hot, so people head to the mountains to cool off. Beautiful mountains and lush greenery have the ability to boost anyone's enthusiasm. However, while packing, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Whether you are visiting the mountains with family or planning a mountain adventure with friends, it is important to pay attention to details while booking tickets and packing apart from other arrangements. It is important to carry only what is necessary, as excessive luggage can become heavy during climbing and trekking. Choose dark-coloured clothes where dirt is not easily visible, and avoid over-packing food items.

Pay special attention to footwear

Pay special attention to your choice of shoes when going to the mountains. Choose shoes that are comfortable to walk in and have a strong grip, especially if you plan on trekking. Failure to do so may cause trouble and inconvenience during your journey. Choose sneakers that have a good grip for rough terrain.


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Carry essential medicines

Whether travelling with family or alone, carry medicines for nausea and motion sickness, such as vomiting tablets and Electrol. The change in altitude and winding mountain roads can cause discomfort for many people. If travelling with children, carry cough, fever and cold medicines with you after consulting a doctor. Being prepared can avoid unnecessary stress during travel.


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Always carry a power bank

Whether planning a mountain trip or any other trip, remember to carry a power bank. This ensures that if your phone's battery runs out and you can't find a suitable place to charge it, you won't face any inconvenience.