Travel Tips: If you are planning to go on a long drive then always keep these things in mind


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Long drives can often be a bit challenging, and if you are planning a long drive during the rainy season, you need to be extra careful. Going on a long drive with family and friends in the pleasant rainy weather can be quite enjoyable. Stopping at different places, having fun, traveling from one city to another, and enjoying there can be a great experience. However, going on a long drive during the rainy season can create difficulties. If you are planning to travel by car these days, it is important to know some important things in advance.

Car servicing

If you are planning a long drive with the car, it is important to get it serviced beforehand. This is because if your car breaks down in an area where there are no garages nearby, you and your co-passengers may face difficulties. This can take away the joy of your journey. To avoid this, make sure you get your car serviced before you leave for the trip. Pay special attention to checking lights, brakes, airbags, tires, and other important things.

Check tool kit

Before going on a long car drive, make sure you have a toolkit. If you don't, make sure you keep one in the car and make sure it has all the necessary equipment. It's a good idea to bring a spare tire. If the tire of your car gets punctured, then you can avoid unnecessary trouble.


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Carry necessary documents

Carry photocopies of your essential documents with you when you are traveling by car. Also, ask your partner to bring his/her important documents along. This includes things like driver's licenses, Aadhar cards, insurance, pollution certificates, etc. These photocopies can be very helpful in case of any problem and can save you from unnecessary troubles.

Carry essential medicines

Carry your essential medicines with you while going on long drives. In addition, bring medicines for gas, indigestion, stomach pain, headache, and diarrhea. Keeping these medicines with you will help you enjoy your trip without any health concerns.

Avoid overloading

Avoid overloading the trunk of the car while traveling in the rainy season. Loading heavy luggage in the car not only makes it difficult to drive but also becomes a matter of concern if you have to leave the car somewhere. So travel with minimum luggage.


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Take a co-driver with you

If you're planning a long drive, take a family member or friend who knows how to drive. This way, if you are feeling unwell, tired, or experiencing any difficulties, they can help you. It is very important to have such a person on the trip.

Check weather forecast

If you're planning a long car drive during the rainy season, start by checking the weather forecast for the place or city you're visiting. Although GPS can be helpful, it may not always be effective everywhere. Sometimes a network-related issue may also arise. Therefore, keep a map of the place where you are going to visit. This will ensure that you complete your journey comfortably and without any hassle.