Travel Tips: If you are not getting long leave from the office then visit this beautiful place in Rajasthan in just 2-3 days!


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Rajasthan is famous for its royal charm and historical forts and palaces, making it an ideal destination for tourists. The winter season, from October to February, is considered to be the best time to visit Rajasthan when you can enjoy sightseeing in comfort. As the temperatures rise significantly from March onwards, it becomes challenging to endure the scorching heat. People working 9 to 5 jobs with limited weekends often do not even think about getting a long holiday. However, even in a short break of two days, there are many places that you can visit, and one such place is Goram Ghat.

Situated amidst the beautiful valleys of the Aravalli Range between the Marwar and Mewar regions of Rajasthan, Goram Ghats is often referred to as the "Kashmir of Rajasthan".

Not only is Goram Ghat beautiful, but the journey to reach this destination is also incredibly beautiful. It can be reached by train and the views during the train journey will remind you of the picturesque scenes from Bollywood songs.


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Attractions of Goram Ghat:

Famous as "Kashmir of Rajasthan", Goram Ghat is full of natural beauty. Jogmandi Waterfall situated at a distance of about 500 meters adds to the attraction of this place. Spending some time near this waterfall can be a memorable experience, and capturing the picturesque views is a must. Jogmandi Falls at Goram Ghat is a special attraction.

Trekking Option:

For adventure lovers, Goram Ghat offers the trekking option. Trekking through dense forests and hills offers breathtaking views that will make every moment memorable.


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How to reach:

The only mode of reaching Goram Ghat is by train. There are no roads for buses, bikes or cars as the area is surrounded by mountains. The train journey offers the best view of the Aravalli mountain range. The train passes through curved bridges, which further increases the thrill of the journey.