Travel Tips: If you are looking for a beach destination to visit, then choose this option other than Goa, you will enjoy just visiting!


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Udupi located in Karnataka is a beautiful place where you can have a wonderful and memorable holiday with friends and family. In the name of a beach destination, people consider Goa as the first option, but if you are also a beach lover, then definitely explore Udupi once. ,

Apart from beaches, there are many other places where you can make your two to three-day vacation memorable. Udupi is also known for its temples, making it an ideal place for nature lovers, adventure lovers and those on a spiritual journey.

Malpe Beach

Malpe is one of the famous tourist places in Udupi with golden sands, pleasant weather, delicious local food and beach walks. Located 66 kilometres from Mangalore and 6 kilometres from Udupi, Malpe Beach is a natural harbour for Mogaveera fishermen. There are four rocky islands off the coast, the northernmost island is Dariya-Bahadurgarh, the central one is Dariya-Gadra-Kallu, and the southernmost island is Kari-Illada-Kallu. The fourth rocky island is St. Mary's Island.



St. Mary's Island

St. Mary's Island is the most popular of the four rocky islands of Malpe Beach. Also known as Coconut Island, it is famous among tourists for its unique structures and rock formations.

Kaup Beach

Located between Mangalore and Udupi, Kaup Beach is a serene and unique destination. Its beauty remains untouched, and coming here will give you a feeling of peace. The lighthouse, built in 1901, is a notable attraction, open to tourists from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm, with spectacular views of the ocean from the top. There are many hotels and guesthouses around the beach.



Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Udupi for holidays is during the winter months from October to March, when the weather is pleasant.

How to reach?

The nearest airport to reach Udupi is Mangalore. After reaching Mangalore, you can easily reach Udupi by cab or taxi. Udupi also has its own railway station, offering various options for travellers. If planning a road trip with family or friends, Udupi is well connected by road, making it accessible by car or bike. Direct bus services are available from Bangalore, Mangalore and Goa.