Travel Tips: If you are going to Vrindavan to celebrate Holi, then definitely visit these temples, you will feel happy after seeing the view!


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If you have gone to Vrindavan to celebrate Holi, then you would be aware that the festival of Holi starts there a month in advance. Today we will tell you which temples you can visit to make your Holi special by seeing the festival of colours, flowers and sticks. Apart from colourful Holi, Holi with flowers and sticks is also very famous here. People from all over the world come here to see the festival of Holi. During this time, you will also see foreign tourists celebrating the festival of Holi. If you are visiting Vrindavan for the Holi celebration this year, here are some temples in Vrindavan where you can witness the Holi celebration.

Prem Mandir:

One of the holiest and most beautiful temples of Vrindavan, Prem Mandir is very beautiful. Whoever goes to Vrindavan must visit Prem Mandir. This beautiful marble temple displays all the forms of Lord Krishna. The festival of Holi here is worth seeing. Note that there can be a lot of crowd here during Holi.

Banke Bihari Temple:

During Holi, Holi is played with lots of colours and flowers in Banke Bihari Temple. Coloured water is also thrown on people here. Be sure to visit Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan during Holi. Holi is played mostly around this temple. To reach the temple you have to pass through Sankirtan Marg. Your mind will definitely become happy after seeing Holi here.


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ISKCON Temple:

ISKCON temple is full of devotees. Holi of flowers is celebrated here. Here, flower petals of every colour can be seen flying in the air, which is a very beautiful sight. Whoever sees it feels happy.

Govind Dev Ji Temple:

Holi is also celebrated with great pomp here. You can see this place on Holi. During Holi, you will also see a crowd of devotees here.