Travel Tips: If you are going to Vrindavan then know the timings of visiting Banke Bihari Temple, you will enjoy visiting it.


The winter season has started and if you are also going to Mathura Vrindavan for a tour, then you will enjoy the tour. Let us tell you that at this time a lot of people are coming here and in such a situation you can also come. If you are coming to Vrindavan, then you must come here to visit Banke Bihari Temple.

Time has changed. 

Let us tell you that if you are coming to Vrindavan and going to Banke Bihari Temple, then the time for darshan has changed. Now the temple will open from 8.45 am, and the morning Shringaar Aarti will start from 9 am, while the Rajbhog service will start from 9.05 am. After this, Rajbhog will be offered to Thakur ji after drawing the curtain at 12 noon. During this period, devotees will not be able to have darshan of Banke Bihari ji.

Know the time in the evening.

If you are not able to have darshan in the morning, you can have darshan in the evening also. Devotees will be able to have darshan from 4.30 pm to 8.00 pm. Then after drawing the curtain, Thakur ji will be allowed to sleep. After this, devotees will be able to have darshan of the Lord at 8.30.

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