Travel Tips: If you are going to Mathura to celebrate Holi, then know where to stay and how much it will cost!


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This year the festival of Holi will be celebrated on 25 March, which is Monday. With the festival coinciding with the weekend, many people might be planning trips to celebrate Holi. If you are thinking of watching Barsana Holi in Mathura then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the expected expenses as well as the best places to reach and stay in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Cost of going to Mathura-Vrindavan:

Mathura-Vrindavan travel is quite cheap. You can reach Mathura by bus from Delhi, the ticket costs around ₹200. Alternatively, you can also travel by train, which costs up to ₹2000. The cost of accommodation in hotels can range from ₹500 to ₹3000. Similarly, the cost of food can range from ₹ 500 to ₹ 1000.


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Mathura-Vrindavan roads are extremely crowded, so it is advisable to leave your vehicle at the hotel and travel on foot or hire an e-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw. A local rickshaw driver can take you to famous temples for around ₹300 to ₹500. You can also take a dip in the Yamuna River at Yamuna Ghat, where you can rent a boat for ₹20 to ₹30.


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From Delhi, you can reach Mathura in just two and a half hours via Yamuna Expressway. You can either drive your own vehicle or take a bus from Delhi to Mathura.

Places to visit in Mathura-Vrindavan:

Krishna Janmabhoomi

Banke Bihari Temple

Ranganath Temple

Prem Mandir