Travel Tips: If you are also traveling during pregnancy, then always keep these things in mind!



Women often experience a variety of health concerns during pregnancy. This is why it is recommended that pregnant women take it easy and get as much rest as possible. However, if you need to travel during this time, whether by bus, train, or flight, you need to take extra precautions. Let us look at some important points related to traveling during pregnancy that you should not ignore.

1. Know how many months pregnant you are:

The first and foremost focus should be on determining how many months pregnant you are. This is important because most airlines have restrictions on allowing pregnant women to fly after 34 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Carry essential medicines:

During pregnancy, it is important not to ignore any health issues that may arise, especially while traveling. It is advised to consult your doctor a few days before your travel date. In case you are facing any problem, inform your doctor, as they can prescribe the necessary medicines. Be sure to carry these medicines with you, as sometimes they may not be readily available at your destination.


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3. Carry food and water:

Don't forget to carry your food and water while traveling during pregnancy. Although online food delivery is convenient, relying solely on it, especially while traveling, may not be the best option. Try to eat home-cooked food, as this reduces the chances of consuming anything that can harm your health during the trip.

4. Get a 'fit to fly certificate:

For flights, make sure to get a "fit for flight" certificate from your doctor. This certificate is often required for international flights and ensures that you are medically fit to travel. Check the destination country's requirements, as they may have specific regulations.


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5. Choose a comfortable seat:

During pregnancy, when choosing your seat on a flight, choose a seat near the toilet. This brings convenience to you and the people around you. If possible, choose a seat at the back of the plane, as this usually has more legroom.