Travel Tips: If you are also planning to go to Dehradun then definitely visit these places!


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If you are someone who plans trips frequently, then you can consider visiting Dehradun in Uttarakhand. This city has high mountains and lakes which can fascinate any traveller. The beautiful valleys here mesmerize anyone looking to refresh their mind and soul. If you are planning a short trip to freshen up, there are many places worth visiting in Dehradun.

Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is a tourist destination locally known as Guchhupani. These were the ancient hideouts of dacoits but have now become a tourist attraction. Walking in the cool water among these caves is both refreshing and relaxing for the body and mind. It is located in the Garhi Cantonment area of ​​Dehradun.


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Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar Temple is one of the most famous temples of Dehradun. According to legend, Lord Shiva appeared here in the form of Deveshwar in ancient times. Water keeps dripping continuously from a rock on the Shivalinga present inside the temple.

Har Ki Doon:

For those who are fond of trekking, Har Ki Doon Valley of Dehradun is a must-visit. Trekking tours are organized here from March to June and September to November. This valley is situated at an altitude of 3566 meters above sea level, making it one of the most remote areas of Uttarakhand.




Sahastradhara is situated near Rajpur village, just 16 kilometres from Dehradun. Especially during summer, it attracts large crowds of tourists. People come from far and wide to take baths in these springs. It is believed that the waters here contain natural sulfur springs that can cure skin diseases.

Mindrolling Monastery

Located in the Clement Town area of ​​Dehradun, Mindrolling Monastery is a tourist attraction not only for Indians but also for foreign tourists. Established in 1965, this monastery is also known as Mindrolling Monastery. It has a statue of Lord Buddha which stands at a height of about 103 feet, making it an important place for tourists.