Travel Tips: Holi in these cities is very special, this time you should also plan to visit!


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Many people eagerly wait for the festival of colours, Holi and this year it will be celebrated on 25th March. This festival brings so much joy and enthusiasm that it fills life with vibrant colours of happiness. There are cities where Holi is celebrated in a unique and special way, which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are thinking of going somewhere for Holi then these cities can be on your list. Let us know about the cities where Holi is celebrated in interesting and different ways.


When we talk about Holi, it is impossible not to mention Lord Krishna and Mathura-Vrindavan. The Holi of flowers celebrated here is famous all over the world and people even come from abroad to see it. Celebrations start seven days before Holi and Lathmar Holi is also very popular in Mathura.


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The royal Holi of Udaipur is famous for its grandeur. A procession with elephants and horses is taken out from the Royal Palace to Manek Chowk. The pride, pride and glory of Rajasthan can be seen in this procession. Rajasthani music adds more colour to this festival.


Holi in Pushkar, Rajasthan involves bhajan-kirtan and dance. Devotees enjoy the tunes of devotional songs, and lively dances are performed during the festival. Many foreign tourists are also present to witness this vibrant festival.


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Anandpur Sahib:

There is a unique scene of Holi in Anandpur Sahib of Punjab. People of the Sikh community participate enthusiastically in this Holi. A variety of unique arts like martial arts, fencing and wrestling are showcased.