Travel Tips: Have you ever heard about Switzerland of Pakistan? The whole world is crazy about beauty!


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Pakistan is indeed a beautiful country in terms of travelling, which is full of beautiful views. The allure of its beauty fascinates people to such an extent that hordes of tourists are a common sight every year. Swat and the Neelam valleys are particularly famous, and often ranked among the best globally. These places nestled between mountains and valleys are no less than heaven in terms of beauty and peace.

Notably, these places are often called the Switzerland of Pakistan. Let us explore some of the picturesque places in Pakistan that resemble the charm of Swiss landscapes.

Neelam Valley:

Known as the Mini Switzerland of Pakistan, this place has stunning mountains, waterfalls, lush green valleys and flowing rivers. The views here are so enchanting that visitors feel refreshed. Travellers come from far and wide to see this gem in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

Shangrila Skardu Valley:

This is a very beautiful place in Pakistan, where the enchanting valleys mesmerize everyone. The beauty here in the winter season competes with the beauty of Switzerland. Family and friends often come here for picnics during the colder months.


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Deosai Plains:

This place situated in the western region of Pakistan is very beautiful. At an altitude of about 4,000 meters above sea level, people ride horses to move easily from one place to another. The valleys here remain covered with snow for about eight months and the view of Sheosar Lake is amazing.

Ayun and Bamberlat Valley:

Although the greenery here may be a little less compared to other places, the high mountains make it feel as if one is touching the sky. The unique view of nature looks quite different and people go to these heights to see the breathtaking mountains. The valleys here are different from other valleys in the world.



Swat Valley:

Swat Valley is a very beautiful place in Pakistan, which attracts tourists with its beautiful valleys. The picturesque landscapes attract people and the beauty of the valleys has made it a favorite destination for tourists. New Year and Christmas celebrations see the highest influx of visitors, creating a festive atmosphere.