Travel Tips: Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing places in America, must visit once


There is no dearth of beautiful tourist places in America too. The Grand Canyon here is one of the largest World Heritage Sites in the world. You will be surprised to see the beauty of this place. This is one of the most amazing places in America. 

The Grand Canyon is located in the US state of Arizona. The Colorado River and its tributaries flow through the canyon, which is a part of Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park, designated in 1919. The Grand Canyon is a 322 km long fissure in the Earth's surface and the deepest part of the canyon is 1.5 km deep.


It is one of the most beautiful and colorful valleys in the world. The beauty of this valley is enhanced by different types of rocks. Sedimentary rock formations ranging from limestones, sandstones, shales, granites, mudstones and schists make for a varied landscape. If you have a plan to travel abroad in the coming time, then you can go here. Your tour will prove to be memorable by visiting here.