Travel Tips: Gold was once scattered in this beautiful country of the world, definitely see it once.


If you have plans to travel abroad in the future, then you can go to Ghana. You will be surprised to see the natural beauty of this country. Today we are going to give you information about this country, which is located just 380 miles away from the center of the earth.

For this reason, scientists consider Ghana as a landmark of the center of the Earth. Ghana's climate is quite different from that of other parts of the world due to its proximity to the center of the Earth. You will be surprised to know one thing about this country. This country was once very rich.

It is said that there were so many gold mines in Ghana that the gold extracted from there was distributed all over the world. In a way, gold remains scattered in this country. For this reason there were many wars between the Portuguese and the British. You must visit this country once.

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