Travel Tips: Goa also fails in front of these beaches of Gujarat, make a plan to visit!


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Everyone dreams of spending relaxing moments with their partner. Every couple wants to go out and spend quality time together. Goa often tops the list of couples' favourite places. Today we will tell you about the famous beaches of Gujarat where you will feel like Goa.

You can visit Gujarat with your partner. The beautiful beaches of Gujarat are so enchanting that you can forget about Goa. Exploring the stunning beaches of Gujarat can be a wonderful experience for you. Let us find out which beaches you can visit for a peaceful time.

Madhavpur Beach

Various events are organized at Madhavpur Beach in Gujarat. Here you can have a great time with your partner. Additionally, you can also buy some local apparel from here. You can sit on the beach and chat with your partner.



Dwarka Beach:

Situated just a few hours away from Ahmedabad, Dwarka is known as the city of Lord Krishna. This temple is situated in the middle of the sea. Many devotees from India and abroad come to Gujarat to visit Dwarkadhish Temple. Take blessings from Lord Krishna at the temple with your partner and enjoy at Dwarka Beach.

Mandvi Beach

Watching the sunset from Mandvi Beach of Kutch will be a wonderful experience for you. Due to less crowd, the sea water here is quite clean. You can enjoy a horse or camel ride with your partner here and spend peaceful moments. You will definitely like it here.


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Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach in Porbandar, Gujarat is considered one of the cleanest beaches in the country. It is located at a distance of about 4-5 hours from Ahmedabad. You can also visit Chowpatty Beach during your trip to Porbandar. Seeing this beach you will definitely be reminded of Goa.