Travel Tips: Enjoy activities like sunbathing on Cabo de Rama beach, make plans today itself.


Today we are going to give you information about a very beautiful beach of Goa, which is famous for its natural beauty. If you plan to visit a beach during the summer season, then you can go here.

Today we are going to give you information about Cabo de Rama of Goa, which is a peaceful place away from the hectic life and hustle and bustle of the city. Since very few people know about it, there will be less crowd here.


You will get a chance to see a steep cliff behind Cabo de Rama beach. The velvety soft sand of Cabo de Rama Beach, located in the south of Goa, attracts tourists a lot. You can enjoy activities like sunbathing by lying on the sand here. The restaurants or huts here are also the center of attraction.

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