TRAVEL TIPS: Desire to travel abroad can be fulfilled, Taiwan government is giving 13-14 thousand rupees for spending holidays


It is the dream of every Indian to spend holidays abroad, if you also want to fly and travel long distances and your dream is incomplete, then you can fulfill it. You can travel on a budget because Taiwan has promoted tourism and is offering special offers to attract tourists. If you have gone to visit Taiwan, you will be given a handout of Rs 13,500 by Taiwan Tourism to 5 lakh individual tourists. All this money will be received digitally and you can use the handout for running, transformation, and other expenses.

How to apply

First, you have to apply for a visa to Taiwan, better known as the Republic of China. Then you will have to give the reason for your stay, round trip ticket, hotel booking, and bank statement to the application. In the case of a visitor visa invitation card will also have to be shown. Along with this, you have to show Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand along with the US, and UK permanent resident card and visa, after that you can apply for an e-visa.

Places to visit in Taiwan

Yushan National Park

This is a very beautiful place and is situated amid nature, you will see peace and beauty here and you can enjoy walking in Yushan National Park, as well as you can do tourist trekking, hiking here, you can visit the high mountain here. get a chance.


National Palace Museum

This place is very special and you have a big museum here in Taife, here you will find 7 million Chinese artifacts and you can see Chinese artifacts here.


Soon moon lake

If you want to visit here, then this place is very special and is included in the beautiful place, you can see the beauty of the park here and the exhibition of old weapons and handicrafts.