Travel Tips: Delhi's Saidulajab village has become special for the youth due to this reason, make a plan to visit


The national capital Delhi is also very famous because of its tourist places. Today we are going to give information about Saidulajab village, which is adjacent to Saket, the national capital of Delhi. A few years ago people used to rear cows in this urban village. Now this village has been urbanized.

Everyone will be surprised to see Roop instead. This small village in the national capital Delhi has now become a big shopping hub. Champa Gali here has become special for the youth. Many people like to go here to give some relaxation to their stressful life.


Champa Street will make you feel like you are in Paris, the capital of France. You will also get a chance to enjoy the cafes on Champa Street. Here in Liberty Village, you can shop for the latest clothes at affordable prices. You must definitely visit here once.

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