Travel Tips: Celebrate Holi in Banaras, Mathura, or Pushkar, and plan a trip!


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Holi, the festival of colors, is on 25 March. Holi celebrations have started in many places. We are telling you about some cities where Holi is celebrated in different ways. If you are also thinking of going somewhere this Holi, then we will tell you why the Holi of Banaras, Mathura, and Pushkar is so special, which attracts people from far and wide to come here and enjoy.

Holi in Varanasi:

Masan Holi is a very famous Holi of Kashi. Masan Holi is played with the ashes of the pyre. Masan Holi is dedicated to Mahadev, the god of gods. This is an ancient tradition that dates back to the 18th century. It is believed that Lord Bholenath likes dead bodies very much. According to mythology, on the day of Rangbhari Ekadashi, Lord Shiva brought Goddess Parvati to Kashi after her marriage. As a celebration of the arrival of Goddess Parvati, devotees of Lord Shiva used to play Holi with the ashes of the pyre. Masan Holi is considered a symbol of victory over death. Masan Holi is also described in Shivpuran and Durga Saptashati.



Holi in Mathura:

Holi in Mathura starts a month in advance. A large number of devotees gather at the birthplace of Lord Krishna. People like to go here during Holi. Various programs are organized in the temples of Mathura as part of the Holi celebration. The Lathmar Holi here is very famous. Its importance is related to Lord Shri Krishna. In this, women beat men with sticks while playing drums, which reminds them of the exploits of Lord Krishna. During Holi in Mathura, various religious programs including bhajans, lectures, and prayers are organized in the temples of Lord Krishna. In all these programs the importance of devotion and love for Lord Krishna is especially highlighted. Holi in Mathura is not only a religious festival but also a social, cultural, and traditional festival that brings people together and makes them enjoy happy moments.

Holi in Vrindavan:

Along with Holi of flowers, Holi is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Vrindavan. For this, the doors of Banke Bihari temple are opened and people get a chance to have a darshan of God. Flowers were showered on the devotees by the priests.



Holi in Pushkar:

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Pushkar, hence many people come to Pushkar for Holi celebration. Parties are organized here in which people enjoy playing music and colors. The enthusiasm of the festival increases with bhang thandai or lassi. Colorful Holi starts here from morning itself. Foreign people also enjoy this Holi a lot. Another specialty of Holi in Pushkar is the Holi fair there. This fair is the biggest Holi fair in India and lakhs of people gather here. This fair consists of colorful markets, special food stalls, dances with traditional songs, and many other activities.