Travel Tips: Can you travel abroad without a passport? Know what the rules are!


Domestic travel within a country often does not require any special permits, but international travel comes with certain rules and regulations. One of the primary requirements for international travel is a passport. However, some individuals may wonder whether it is possible to travel abroad without a passport. Let's learn about the rules and regulations for international travel from India.

Passport required

Entry requirements for foreign travelers differ in different countries. In most cases, it is mandatory to have a passport for international travel. Without a valid passport, individuals cannot legally travel to other countries. It is important to note that there are some exceptions, and citizens of some countries can travel without a passport.

Travel without a passport

Although a passport is usually required for international travel, there are some countries where Indian citizens can travel without a passport. These countries include Bhutan and Nepal.

Bhutan: Travelers can travel to Bhutan with a voter ID card as their primary identification. Additionally, children must bring their birth certificate or school ID (Aadhar Card) for entry.


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Nepal: Indian travelers can easily reach Nepal from major Indian airports without a visa. Nepalese authorities generally accept identity documents such as Voter ID cards or Aadhaar cards.

It is important to check the specific entry requirements for these countries before planning your trip, as rules may change over time.

Travel to other countries

A valid passport is required for international travel to countries other than Bhutan and Nepal. In addition to a passport, travelers often need a visa issued by the embassy or consulate of the destination country. The type of visa (for example, tourist, business, student) and its requirements may vary from country to country. Travelers should research and obtain the necessary visas before departure.


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Visa-free travel to some countries

While a passport is mandatory for international travel in most countries, there are also destinations that allow visa-free entry to Indian citizens. These countries may only require a passport and do not demand a separate visa. Some of the countries that offer visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to Indian passport holders include Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Macau, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Myanmar, Qatar, Cambodia, Uganda, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, and Iran.