Travel Tips : From April to Jaipur-Delhi in three and a half hours


According to railway officials, possibly in the last week of April, passengers will be able to travel from Jaipur to Delhi in Vande Bharat.

Due to a technical glitch, the train which started in February-March will now travel to the passengers at the end of April, removing the technical glitch, the Railways has now decided to run Vande Bharat's high-rise rack on the Jaipur-Delhi track.

The height of the electric wire on this track is about two meters more than the normal one. In Vande Bharat, the height of the pantograph mounted on the train is low, due to which a highrise rack will now be operated on this track.

In 20 to 25 days, a high-rise rack of Vande Bharat train will reach Jaipur, the trial of which will be started. Also, the speed capacity of the track has been increased from 110 mph to 130 mph so that Vande Bharat can catch up.

After the commencement of the Vande Bharat train, the journey from Jaipur to Delhi will be completed in just a quarter to three hours.