Travel: Have you also booked a tour package for travel, must ask these questions to the travel agent


Everyone likes to travel. Especially when it comes to hanging out with family or your life partner. You have to make a lot of preparations to go out with your loved ones. Efforts are made that there is no shortage of any kind in holiday planning. Be it ticket booking, hotel booking or cab booking on the spot. In such a situation, to make their trip perfect, people choose tour packages with the help of travel agents. But if you want to avoid any trouble on your journey, then you must get complete information about your trip from the travel agent. Today in this episode we are going to tell you what information you should get from your travel agent.


Know the place
First of all, decide and search for where you want to go. After your search is complete, you should cross-check with the travel agent whether the information available on the internet about the place you are planning to visit is true or not. Ask a travel agent about the place and then plan your trip. Keep in mind that only if the place is worth visiting, take the package there.

What is included in the package and what is not
Travel packages are widely shared with prices in TravelTriangle. But checking what is or is not included in those packages is important. Clarify travel arrangements, meals or even taxes and get all inclusions and exclusions in writing or over email to avoid last-minute stress.

What are the pickup and drop points?
Check out the commute options that are feasible for you and accordingly fix pick-up and drop points with your agent. On reaching your destination, ensure that you are provided with transport and communication facilities from the hotel or any other place for local sightseeing, so that no doubts or confusions arise later.


Customize Plan
Nowadays the facility of getting the travel packages cut is also available. But, you have to ask this thing from the travel agent yourself. How would the agent know what you want apart from the travel package offered by him? You have to ask him if the package can be customized a bit. If the agent is ready for this, then you should get the package customized according to your convenience.