Travel: Do you vomit while traveling? Keep these 3 things in your bag!


PC: Amar Ujala

Traveling long distances is a hobby of many people. Because during this time there is not only fun but also you get to learn something new in life. But this experience is not so pleasant for everyone. Many people get nauseous while traveling. If you are also suffering from motion sickness then you should keep these things with you.

1. Lemon

We all know about the medicinal properties of lemon. But did you know it can help with vomiting, nausea, and restlessness during travel? Be sure to keep lemon with your belongings and drink its juice when the problem worsens. If you want, you can also put lemonade in a water bottle. Which works to bring you comfort.

2. Banana

Banana You would be eating bananas on normal days. However, do keep bananas in your bag while traveling. This fruit has potassium-restoring quality and provides great relief from vomiting. If you feel nauseous or dizzy during a long drive, eat a banana.

3. Ginger

Ginger is one such spice that we use to enhance the taste of our dishes. But if you have a vomiting problem during travel then it can be very beneficial for you. Actually, it helps in preventing the problem of nausea as well as reducing the bloating in the stomach and giving instant relief. When the pain increases, take raw ginger in a bag and chew it. If you want, you can also keep ginger candy, ginger tea, and hot water mixed with ginger in the thermos flask. This will remove restlessness and stop vomiting.