Travel and Food: Not only tourist location, Udaipur is also famous for these delicious things


Udaipur of Rajasthan with royal chic is also known for its local food. If you want to have the best food while taking care of your pocket on the Udaipur trip, then you must enjoy the famous Poha and many other street foods here. Learn about the famous street foods of Udaipur... (Photo: Insta/@mr_sjk)


Toofani Samosa: The samosa prepared with ingredients like dry fruits, corn and potatoes is very famous in Udaipur. The special thing is that it is called Toofani Samosa here. If you are planning to visit Udaipur, then do not forget to taste this unique street food here. (Photo: Insta/@udaipurfoodography)

Poha is also the best: This street food is eaten with great enthusiasm not only in Madhya Pradesh of India but in most parts of the country. Most of the streets of Udaipur keep smelling the fragrance of Poha. The combination of tea and poha is a great option for breakfast during the trip. (Photo: Insta/@slurp_n_burp_)

Onion Kachori: The trip is incomplete without trying the tasty food combination of Onion Kachori and tea in Udaipur. In Rajasthan, after dal baati, usually everyone has a taste of onion or dal kachori. Onion Kachori is a popular street food in parts of Rajasthan including Udaipur. (Photo: Insta/@foodie_pratima_)


Potato Vada: In Udaipur, Rajasthan, people eat vada made of potatoes with great interest. The taste of the food prepared with gram flour and potato masala is slightly spicy. If you are fond of spicy food, then only enjoy this food. (Photo: Insta/@happy_homeessence)