Train Ticket: Do you know about this special rule for general tickets? Click here to know!


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The train is the most commonly used mode of transport in India and everyone's favorite mode of transport. People prefer to travel by train because of the low fares and convenience of travel. One can travel in general bogies without a ticket reservation. Generally, people travel by general coach only for short-distance travel. Almost every train has general coaches. But, you might not know about the important rule of railway general ticket. This rule is related to the validity of the general ticket. You will be surprised to know that the general ticket also has validity. After purchasing a ticket, you can travel using it within the stipulated time.

Railways (Indian Railways) has set a deadline for the commencement of journeys to prevent the fraud of traveling on unreserved tickets for the day. Earlier tickets were misused as there was no time limit. Due to this, the Railways had to bear a heavy financial blow. To avoid this, Railways also fixed the validity of general tickets in 2016.

Ordinary ticket is valid for 3 hours

Indian Railway rules say that if you want to travel 199 km, you have to catch a train within 3 hours of getting an ordinary ticket. So for a distance of 200 km or more general ticket can be bought 3 days in advance. If a passenger buys a ticket for a journey of less than 199 km, he has to start the journey before the departure of the first train at that station or within 3 hours of purchasing the ticket.

Penalty to be paid

Now if a passenger travels after three hours on a ticket purchased for a journey up to 199 km, the Railways has the right to charge the fine by treating it as an unbooked ticket. If the journey does not start for 3 hours, the passenger cannot cancel the ticket or travel on another train.