Toxic Friendship: Know How to deal with a toxic friend?


How To Deal With a Toxic Friend: Usually we talk about toxic relationships, but there is scope for bitterness in friendship too. If you are with such a friend who is poisoning this beautiful relationship, then there is always a fear that he will stab you in the back one day. You should know how to deal with a toxic friend and whether you should keep a friendship with him or not.


Ways to deal with a toxic friend 

1. Talk comfortably

If you have been friends with someone for a long time, then the best thing is that both of you can resolve the issue by talking to them comfortably. It is possible that the other person takes your words seriously and then starts making changes in his behavior. Sometimes the matter can be resolved by talking. So tell politely what things are bothering you.

2. Be sure to call out their bad actions

If he/she is doing something to you that is intolerable, then instead of tolerating it, tell them firmly that this is wrong and they should not do this. This may lead to arguments and conflicts, but you cannot keep quiet again and again. After the argument, leave it to your friend to decide whether he/she will continue the relationship or not.

3. Create some distance

Before leaving someone completely, you should give them a chance. So, first, start maintaining a little distance. For example, reduce your calls, stop commenting on their social media posts. Do not wish them on Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Friendship Day. By doing this, they may feel awkward and ask you the reason for it. In such a case, you should explain to them. If they miss you, they should improve themselves, or they will separate from you.

4. Disconnect completely

When all your efforts fail, there is no point in keeping a snake in the sleeve. It is better to completely separate yourself from your friends. If you do not want to block him from social media or calls, then it is better not to answer messages or calls.