Tortoise Ring: If you are wearing a tortoise-shaped ring, then keep these things in mind...!


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Nowadays many people like to wear different types of rings. There is a lot of demand for rings of different colors and designs in the market. But still, many people like to wear tortoise-shaped rings. There is a religious reason behind this. If a tortoise-shaped ring is worn on the hand, it brings positive changes in the life of the person. Many people believe and believe that they get happiness, peace, wealth, family satisfaction, and success. So let us now know what rules should be followed while wearing this type of ring.


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What things should be kept in mind while wearing a ring?

After purchasing a turtle-shaped ring from the market, it should be washed thoroughly with milk or Ganga water. Due to this, the ring will become completely clean and shiny. After this, this ring should be offered at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. The ring should be worn on the fingers only after worship. Wearing this ring two days a week is considered very auspicious. Wearing this ring on Thursday and Friday will eliminate financial problems in your life. Apart from this, it is believed that it brings progress in jobs and business. While wearing the ring on the finger, the turtle's face should be towards your shoulder.


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If the tortoise-shaped ring is made of silver then it is always beneficial for you. Because the silver ring helps you to live a healthy life. Apart from this, all the financial problems of the family go away. Children achieve great success in their careers. Therefore, wearing a tortoise-shaped ring in your fingers two days a week i.e. Thursday and Friday can change your luck.