Top Offbeat Places In Jammu And Kashmir: These top offbeat places of Jammu and Kashmir will fascinate you in a few minutes, make plans quickly to visit


Jammu and Kashmir is a state of the country which is also called 'Heaven on Earth'. The beauty of this province is so popular that thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come here every day.

Jammu and Kashmir, situated between the Himalayas and Pir Panjal mountains, has many wonderful and amazing places, where it is almost everyone's dream to visit. Due to the beauty of this province, it is often called the Switzerland of India.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the top and charming offbeat places of Jammu and Kashmir, where after visiting, you will forget the fun of snowfall.


When the most charming and beautiful offbeat destination located in Jammu and Kashmir is mentioned, the name Chatpal is included first. This place situated in the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas is considered to be the hidden treasure of Jammu and Kashmir.

Very few tourists know about Chatpal, hence there is very little crowd here. High snow-covered mountains and cold winds add to the beauty here. This place surrounded by hills also presents a wonderful view of natural beauty. Let us tell you that Chatpal is about 3 hours away from Srinagar.

Lolab Valley 

Jammu and Kashmir is a province of the country, where there are many beautiful and charming valleys, but when we talk about any top offbeat valley, then Lolab Valley is mentioned. The beauty of this valley is so popular that it is also called the 'Land of Love'.

Lolab Valley, located near Neelam Valley, is one of those places, where every tourist will rejoice after visiting. This valley works to make Jammu and Kashmir a paradise. In Lolab Valley you can explore fascinating places like Chandigam, Kalaroos and Kalaroos Caves. You can also enjoy adventure activities here.


Yusmarg, situated at an altitude of more than 7 thousand feet above sea level, is considered one of the top offbeat destinations of Jammu and Kashmir. It is said about this place that it is the same place where Jesus once lived.

Yusmarg is very popular for its peaceful environment, hence those who like peace, come here to visit the most. High snow-covered mountains, grasslands lakes and waterfalls add to the beauty of Yusmarg. Along with enjoying trekking and hiking in Yusmarg, you can also do memorable photography.

Doodhpathri Jammu and Kashmir

When it comes to which top and charming offbeat hill station to visit in Jammu and Kashmir, then Dudhpathri's name comes first. Situated at a height of more than 8 thousand feet above sea level, Doodhpathri can add to your trip to Pakistan. It is also called the Valley of Milk.

Situated amidst high mountains, lush green field’s lakes and waterfalls, Dudhpathri is also a peaceful place. After exploring this hill station in the lap of the Pir Panjal mountain range, you will forget other places like Jammu and Kashmir. In Dudhpathri you can explore wonderful places like Tangnar, Mujpathri and Palamaidan.

Explore these places also

There are many other wonderful and charming offbeat places in Jammu and Kashmir which you can explore. You can also explore wonderful places like Bangus Valley, Daksum and Kokernag. You can also enjoy adventure activities at these places.