Toll booth: Toll tax is not taken from these people, you should know


People have to pay toll tax to travel on national highways and expressways. You will come across many toll taxes during the journey. Toll tax is collected by stopping your vehicle at these toll booths on expressways and highways. Do you know that many people do not have to pay toll tax at expressway and highway toll booths? Today we are going to give you information in this regard.

Toll exemption is provided to the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Justice, Lok Sabha Speaker, High Court Judge, Chief Minister, Union Minister, MP, Legislative Council or Assembly Speaker, Secretary to the Government of India at expressway and highway toll booths.

They do not have to pay any kind of tax at the toll booth. At the same time, army officers and army personnel also get exemption in toll tax. At the same time, toll tax is not collected from all vehicles providing emergency services on the National Highway.

PC: abplive

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