Today's Yoga: To keep the lungs healthy and strong, then practice these four Yogasanas daily


To keep all the organs of the body healthy, it is considered the most important for the lungs to remain healthy. The lungs play an important role in the smooth functioning of the respiratory system and in delivering a sufficient amount of oxygen to all parts of the body. During the second wave of the corona, all kinds of complications related to the lungs were seen, in such a situation it becomes even more necessary to take care of this vital organ.


According to health experts, the lungs play an important role in maintaining adequate circulation of oxygen to all organs. In such a situation, any kind of disease occurring in this organ can cause serious problems. But the sad thing is that every year with the increase in the level of air pollution, there has also been an increase in the number of lung patients. The best way to keep the lungs healthy is yoga. Yoga is said to reduce stress levels and improve the efficiency of the lungs by making them stronger. Many yoga asanas have been found beneficial in improving and strengthening the capacity of the lungs. Let us know about some such Yogasanas in the next slides.

benefits of Dhanusana for lungs
According to yoga gurus, Dhanushasana yoga is considered very beneficial in keeping the lungs healthy. To do this yoga, first, you have to lie on your stomach and bend your knees towards your hips. Now hold your ankles with your hands. Now raise your legs and arms as high as you can and keep your face up. Try to stay in this pose for as long as you can.


Benefits of Bhujangasana Yoga
All the benefits of Bhujangasana yoga are also mentioned in keeping the lungs healthy and strong. This yoga asana is also considered beneficial in removing asthma problems and strengthening immunity. To do this yoga asana, lie down on your stomach and place your palms under your shoulders. Inhale and lift the front parts of the body up. Stay in this position for 10-20 seconds and then come back to the normal position. Bhujangasana is considered beneficial in many other health problems.

Matsyasana yoga to keep lungs healthy
People who practice Matsyasana yoga regularly are believed to be less prone to lung-related diseases. This yoga is also considered effective in keeping the respiratory system fine. To do this yoga posture, first, lie down on your back and fold your arms under your body. Raise your head and chest, inhale and then lower your head to the ground while arching your back. Maintain full-body balance with your elbows. Take a deep breath and release. Maintain this position for as long as you are comfortable.

Sukhasana (Cross Legged Sitting Pose)
Sukhasana yoga is a great exercise to increase blood flow and strengthen the lungs. It strengthens the muscles of the lungs and helps in increasing the circulation of oxygen. To do this yoga posture, first of all, sit in a meditation posture. With the help of your right hand, hold your left wrist from behind the back. Now inhale while pulling your shoulders back. Now while exhaling bend forward and touch your head with your right knee. Inhale again and return to the starting position.

Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of Yoga Guru. You can contact a specialist to know about the correct position of the asana.

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