Today's Yoga: To increase the length naturally, then do these four yogasanas regularly


Yoga treats all kinds of physical and mental problems in a natural way. Whether you are troubled by the problem of obesity or are stressed, doing regular yoga poses a solution to both the problems and the effect is seen. Not only this, even if there is any disease related to the body, even if you have a short height, you can increase your height to a great extent with yoga asanas. Children or adults can grow tall with regular yoga practice. Actually, the human body gets growth according to its genes. In such a situation, the height of many children or adults can be reduced. Everyone wants a good height. That's why he starts doing physical exercises to taking medicines and boosters etc. However, these measures reduce the chances of increasing the length. But the length can be increased naturally with yoga asanas. Let's know about yogasanas to increase height.



To do this asana, stand straight by making some distance between both your heels and toes. Join the palms and fingers while moving both hands above the level of the waist. Keep your eyes straight and your neck straight. Lifting the heels of the feet upwards, give the weight of the whole body on the toes. Keep your stomach in. Stay in this position for some time while maintaining balance.


To increase the length, sit on your knees while doing this yoga asana. Now while inhaling, bring the head through the knees to the floor. Holding the fingers of both the hands behind the head, support the back part. Now slowly raise the legs up and keep them straight. You can take the support of the wall for this. Keep your body straight. Keeping balance, stay in this position for 20 seconds. Take a deep breath during this. Then exhale and come back to the old posture.



To increase the length, to do this yoga asana, stand on one foot on the floor. Now keep the hands by the side and while standing on the left leg, bend the right leg at the knees. Maintain balance in this position and then raise both the hands above the head and bend the elbows. Now join your palms together. Stay in this position for some time while breathing slowly and then repeat the same process with the other leg.


You can do chakrasana to increase the length. To do this, first of all, lie down on your back and keep both your hands and feet in a straight line. Now while bending the knees of the feet, take both the hands backward. Keeping weight on both feet, lift the hips upwards. Then put your weight on both hands and lift the shoulders up. While lifting the body from the ground, keep your arms and legs straight.

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