Today's secret: There is a ban on tourists visiting these mysterious places of the world


There are many famous places around the world. These places attract tourists throughout the year. But apart from this, there are many such mysterious and dangerous places where tourists are prohibited from visiting. There are many such places in the world where people's soul trembles when they visit. Most people are very fond of nature and they want to see and be around natural beauty. In these beautiful places, people get peace while there are many such places that are mysterious and scary where people are afraid to go. There are many such places in the world where you can lose your life. There are many such places in the world including India where there is a ban on anyone's visit.


North Sentinel Island, India

North Sentinel Island located in the Andaman of India is completely banned for outsiders. The only way to reach this island is by boat. Even today people of 60 thousand years old human tribe live on this mysterious island. They have no contact with the outside world. This tribe and their area living in North Sentinel Island are kept in the protected category. The people who try to reach this island are attacked and killed by the tribesmen. Therefore, there is a ban on the arrival of an outsider on North Sentinel Island.

Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island located in Brazil is mysterious. It is located about 36 kilometers from the country's main city, Sao Paulo. Snakes rule this island. It is said that there are a total of 4 thousand species of snakes here, some of which are extremely dangerous. One who visits this island never comes back alive. Due to security reasons, the Brazilian government has banned tourists from visiting there. Only scientists can go here to do research.


Heard Island, Australia

Heard Island is a volcanic island located near the South Pole in Australia. Even today, a volcano named 'Big Ben' is burning on this island, which originated from the Indian Ocean. Due to security and natural protection, there is a ban on the visit of tourists to this island spread over 370 square kilometers.

King Qin Shi Huan's Tomb, China

The tomb of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huan is still a mystery to the people. The Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huan was assassinated in 210 BC. Statues of thousands of soldiers are installed here. There are many traps outside the tomb. This place is protected for about 2000 years. The Chinese government has also banned research here.

Barron's Island, India

The volcano is located on Barren Island located in India. Experts say that this is the only island in India where there is a volcano. Tourists can see Baron Island located in the Andaman Sea from a distance because there is a ban on tourists going here. Due to the absence of humans, it is called Barren Island.