Today's Kitchen: This Dussehra, eat yourself and feed the guests delicious paneer Kundan Kalia, here is the recipe


If you want to make something special at home on the day of Dussehra, then try a new recipe of paneer. Whether it is lunch or dinner, paneer curry doubles the taste of food. However, most people make only two or three types of cheese curry in their food. But this time if you want variety in paneer curry or want a change in taste, then try such a recipe of paneer which is new and easy too. The dish of paneer we are talking about is named Paneer Kundan Kalis. In today's kitchen, make special paneer Kundan buds on the occasion of Dussehra. The taste of this recipe is so amazing that everyone will keep licking their fingers. You don't even need many ingredients for this recipe. You can make a delicious new dish of paneer with the ingredients present in your kitchen. So let's know the easy recipe for making delicious paneer Kundan buds.


Ingredients for making Paneer Kundan Buds

250 grams paneer, Kashmiri red chili, red chili powder, whole coriander, turmeric powder, onion (finely chopped), tomato (finely chopped), green cardamom, clove, garam masala, curd, cream, salt to taste, oil.

Recipe to make Paneer Kundan Buds


Step 1- First cut the paneer into pieces.

Step 2-  Put turmeric and red chili powder on the paneer pieces in a vessel. Then marinate the paneer and keep it for 15 minutes.

Step 3- Heat ghee in a pan on medium flame, add Kashmiri red chili, coriander, cardamom, and cloves and fry it lightly.

Step 4- When the Khada masala is roasted, add onion and fry till it becomes light pink.

Step 5- Now add tomatoes and cook till they become soft. Then add curd and garam masala and cook it.

Step 6- After cooking well, the oil will start separating from the gravy, then add paneer and salt and mix it.

Step 7- Cook this mixture for about 5 minutes. After that turn off the gas and add cream from above and mix.

Your delicious paneer Kundan buds are ready. Serve it with naan or roti.