Today's Kitchen: Rajma Raita is full of protein and taste, will be ready in minutes

rajma raita

Food should be delicious but along with taste, health should also be taken care of. Therefore, include more and more healthy food recipes along with delicious food in lunch and dinner. If you eat curd with food for lunch or dinner, then sometimes you can also include raita on your menu. Any Indian thali is incomplete without raita. Raita is good both in terms of taste and health. Raita is made in many ways. Vegetable raita, fruit raita, Boondi raita, and many other varieties of raita enhance the taste of your food, but if you want to try something new, then you can include rajma raita in your lunch and dinner. As much as Rajma Raita is delicious to eat, it is equally protein-rich. Curd is not only beneficial and kidney beans also contain protein. Rajma Raita made by mixing these two is a unique dish, which will be liked by everyone at home. Let's know the easy recipe for making Rajma Raita.


Ingredients of Rajma Raita

cup rajma (soaked overnight), 1 bowl curd, black salt to taste, 1 tsp roasted cumin powder, tsp red chili powder, tsp black pepper powder, green coriander to garnish

How to make Rajma Raita

Step 1 - To make Rajma Raita, first soak the rajma overnight. After that boil it and filter it.


Step 2 - Now mix curd, salt, and honey in a bowl. Beat it well so that this mixture becomes creamy.

Step 3 - Then add roasted cumin powder, red chili powder, and black pepper powder to the curd mixture and mix.

Step 4 - Now add boiled kidney beans to it. Garnish Rajma Raita with coriander leaves.

Now serve delicious Rajma Raita with food.