Today's Kitchen: Prepare these five types of tikkis with potatoes, perfect for snacks


Potato tikkis are very much liked by street food lovers. The taste of sweet and sour chutney spread on crispy potato tikkis is amazing. But when it comes to making it at home, that taste seems to be missing somewhere. In such a situation, today we have brought five types of tikkis made from potatoes. By making which you can also taste the street food. So let's know which are those tikkis.


Crispy Potato Tikki
In most street food, only potato tikkis are used. But when you prepare them at home, they do not become so crispy. For this, it is necessary to have some tips. Freshly boiled potatoes should not be used while making Aloo Tikki. On the other hand, using arrowroot with potatoes makes crispy tikkis.


Chana Dal Tikki
To make this tikki, cook gram dal lightly and prepare it by filling it in potato tikki. This potato tikki is very tasty and everyone likes it very much.


Aloo Tikki Burger
If your kids are fond of fast food then there is no need to worry at all. Just prepare it at home with a very easy recipe. Make crispy potato tikkis and place them in the center of the bun. Put some chutney and ketchup together in a bun and keep some salad. Children and adults will also like this Homemade Burger.


Masala Veggie Tikki
The taste of this tikki is completely different. Also very beneficial for children. To make it, mash some vegetables lightly with potatoes and make tikkis. While making this type of tikki, you can add more or fewer spices according to your taste.


Chole Aloo Tikki
In this, potato tikki is served in Punjabi style by placing it on top of chole. Together with chutney and curd, its taste increases.