Today's Kitchen: Prepare Makhana Kheer on Lohri, Chironji will enhance the taste


The festival of Lohri is celebrated every year with great pomp. There is a tradition of making Kheer on this festival celebrated on 13th January. Which is eaten the next day. The tradition of making traditional recipes at festivals is almost everywhere. Similarly, there is a tradition of making Kheer on Lohri. However, the traditional method of making kheer is slightly different. But today we will tell you how to prepare Kheer made from Makhana and Chironji. So let's know what is the recipe for making Makhana ki Kheer.


This kheer made from makhana is not only made on Lohri but it can be made at any fast or festival. To make kheer, one liter of milk will be needed, 100 grams of makhana, 50 grams of chironji, dry fruits of choice, and jaggery instead of sugar. The taste of this kheer is completely different from that of jaggery.


To make Makhana kheer, heat milk in a thick bottomed vessel. When it comes to a boil, slow the gas and cook for some time. Now cut the makhana into small pieces and put it in it. Also, add chironji together. Now cook the milk mixed with makhana and chironji for five to five minutes.


When it becomes thick, add jaggery to this milk. Keep in mind that add the jaggery in small pieces. So that it is easy to dissolve. Keep stirring the milk together. Lastly, cut your favorite dry fruits and put them in this kheer. Makhane kheer is ready, just serve it hot or cold. If you want, you can also add dry fruits on top for decoration.