Today's Kitchen: Make masala dal makhani in Punjabi style, everyone will eat it with chatter

Dal makhani

If you want to eat something tasty and spicy today, then make Dal Makhani for lunch or dinner. Now you will say what is new in Dal Makhani. The taste is new in Dal Makhani. In the recipe we are going to tell you, Dal Makhani will be made in Punjabi way. Punjabi food is best suited for spicy eaters. That's why they will definitely love this Punjabi-style dal makhani. By the way, in Punjab, Dal Makhani is also called Mandi Dal. Dal Makhani is not only tasty but also healthy. Add one more dish to the list of easy and healthy recipes today. You can make this dish for lunch or dinner. Dal Makhani will make your food taste even more delicious. Punjabi Dal Makhani is easy to make and does not require any extra ingredients for this recipe. So let's know the easy recipe of making Punjabi Dal Makhani.


Ingredients for making Dal Makhani

Rajma 2 teaspoons soaked overnight, salt, one teaspoon red chili powder, ginger, butter 4 teaspoons, sunflower oil one teaspoon, onion 1 big finely chopped, 2 green chilies, tomato puree आधा cup, garam masala powder one teaspoon Cream half cup, urad dal soaked overnight, ginger paste half teaspoon, garlic paste half teaspoon.

How to make Punjabi Dal Makhani

Step 1- To make Dal Makhani, it is most important to soak the rajma and urad dal in 3 to 4 cups of water overnight.

Step 2- Add 4 cups of freshwater to the soaked lentils and rajma in the morning and put them in a pressure cooker to boil. Add salt and half ginger-garlic pastes to it and boils for about 15 minutes.

Step 3- When the steam comes out, open the lid of the cooker and now let it cook on low flame.

dal makhani

Step 4- When the lentils and kidney beans start cooking, add cream to them.

Step 5- Then heat butter in a pan and fry the remaining ginger garlic paste and onion in it.

Step 6- Now in this pan add green chili, tomato puree, and red chili powder and cook. Then mix the lentils in the same.

Step 7- If the lentils seem too thick, then you can add some water to them. Now mix garam masala powder and salt on top of this dal.

Step 8- Cook for a while. Your Punjabi Dal Makhani is ready.