Today's Kitchen: Make laddus made of sesame and jaggery on Makar Sankranti, it is very easy to make


There is a tradition of making laddus made of sesame and jaggery at the festival of Makar Sankranti. But nowadays many people buy it from the market due to lack of time. In such a situation, today we have brought a simple recipe of laddus made of sesame and jaggery. With the help of which it will be easy to make laddus at home. These laddoos made of sesame and jaggery not only have importance from the point of view of the festival but there is also a scientific reason to eat them.


It is cold in the month of January. In such a situation, these laddus help in protecting from cold. Sesame seeds contain many antioxidants that help protect against diseases. At the same time, jaggery also helps in keeping the body warm. For this reason, there is a tradition of making dishes made of sesame and jaggery on the occasion of Sankranti.


Two hundred grams of jaggery, one hundred grams of sesame seeds, one tablespoon of desi ghee, one teaspoon of cardamom powder, some almonds, and cashews will definitely be needed to make sesame ladoos.


To make Sesame Ladoo, first dry roast the sesame seeds in a pan. That is, fry it without the help of any oil or ghee. Now keep this sesame to cool down. Put desi ghee in a thick-bottomed vessel and then put the jaggery together in small pieces.

When the jaggery starts melting, turn the flame of the gas very low. Add roasted sesame seeds to this jaggery. Add cardamom powder together. Grind almonds and cashews lightly and mix them in the same mixture. Switch off the gas and mix it well. When this mixture made of jaggery and sesame cools down, apply ghee in your hands and give it the shape of laddus.