Today's Kitchen: Ginger-garlic paste will always be fresh, just follow these tips


It is common to have ginger garlic paste in the kitchen. Ginger garlic paste is used in some or the other recipe of lunch-dinner. Both ginger and garlic are good for our health. Apart from this, its use enhances the taste of food. Ginger garlic paste is needed almost daily. In such a situation, women have to make ginger garlic paste every day. In such a situation, it is better to make a paste of ginger garlic at once than to make it daily and use it immediately when needed. But the paste does not last long and gets spoiled. Today we are going to tell you some easy tips, by which you can store ginger and garlic paste for months. With these easy remedies, ginger garlic paste will remain fresh for a long time and will not spoil.


Special way to make ginger garlic paste

If you are making ginger garlic paste, then keep in mind that you take twice as much garlic as you take ginger. This ratio is the best. To make it, wash and peel ginger and garlic. Then put it in the mixer and grind it well. If you want to use immediately, then grind it by adding a little water. But if you want to store it for future also then avoid using water and grind it dry. You can also add a little oil or salt to this paste but that is optional.

How to store Ginger-Garlic Paste

Store it like this in the fridge

If you use ginger garlic paste daily in food, then make it once. You can freeze it to keep it from spoiling for months. For this, make a thick paste without using water. Then fill it in an ice tray. Then freeze it. After that pack it in a plastic wrapper and keep it again in the refrigerator. Next day take out the ginger garlic cubes and keep them in a big zip lock packet and store in the refrigerator. Whenever needed, take out a cube and mix it in the food.


Use vinegar in ginger garlic paste

You can use vinegar while making ginger and garlic paste. This won't make it worse for months. To prepare it, first prepare a paste of ginger and garlic. Then keep it in an air tight container. Now put 3 to 4 spoons of vinegar on it from above and close the lid. This paste will remain fresh for a long time to be used easily.

ginger-garlic powder

If you want, you can also prepare and store ginger and garlic powder at home. It is easily available in the market but there is a possibility of adulteration. In such a situation, you can make powder and store both of them separately or together at home. Use according to need.